Our rules and regulations

Fun and Security

For safe fun therefore, we ask everyone to read the rules and regulations for the same understanding at first.

We have equipment and players wrapped in cushioning and leather. Therefore, it can cause more slippery. We therefore recommend that you all wear socks that we have prepared specifically.

Many of our rides may require special care as they relate to speed and safety, being our first consideration. Therefore letting your children play alone may be beyond our ability to look after thoroughly.

Certain types of rides are limited to people aged and height as specified. If the official staffs think that it is inappropriate to play, they should obey. Also if any players who have never had experience in playing. Please consult our staff before playing.

All tickets have a clearly specified time limit. Therefore, should maintain the time by entering – leaving on time to maintain the rights of you and other players.

Whenever there is an accident or see any accident victims. Those around him please inform the staff as soon as possible. And should not move the victim immediately as it may be related to further treatment.

Because some of our players may be airtight. Or a sponge covered with leather. The following sharp items are brought into the player’s area are absolutely not allowed.

  • Key chain
  • Wristwatches (metal strap)
  • Van Necklace
  • Jeans
  • Trousers – shirts with zipper

Dice pond

Soft touch

The exterior looks ordinary. But if you try to jump in. Feelings of fun will occur immediately.

Change the idea that the ball pits must have only colored plastic balls that only have a round shape, but here … The dice puddles that look external are hardened. But when touched it will immediately feel the softness.